Great workshop! Addressing barriers that women face when it comes to financial literacy, empowerment and independence is such a powerful tool. I hope to see more opportunities like this in the future”, shared an attendee of the Everything You Need to Know About Investing workshops we held on Tuesday and Wednesday this week. The workshops were led by local financial expert Toni Boss who volunteered her expertise to support women in the community.

As an organization that meets women where they are at, we at YW are constantly in conversation with women in our community to ensure that our programs line up with their evolving needs. We know that financial literacy is a gap for women to thrive and we are uniquely positioned to change that—and we’re doing just that.

Financial literacy and confidence are key building blocks for women’s economic empowerment. YW’s Women’s Economic Prosperity program addresses the barriers women face in today’s economy and supports inclusive and sustainable economic growth, which in turn reduces their risk of experiencing poverty. This week, the team is offering a series of workshops, in partnership with external experts to help women upskill in areas of finance, savings, and investing.

On January 27, the live webinar Developing Good Financial Habits for 2022 was guest hosted by Tanya Leavitt, Financial Empowerment Facilitator at Momentum.

During these types of workshops, we will share some key skills and topics, including but not limited to:

  • Understanding assets
  • How to budget
  • Personal banking
  • Understanding credit
  • How to save

If financial literacy is something that interests you, keep an eye on YW Events Calendar throughout 2022 for community workshops coordinated by our Women’s Economic Prosperity team.