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YW Calgary is committed to supporting women’s economic prosperity in our city. We want to make Calgary a place where women succeed economically and can prosper – to empower women so that she has what she needs to make the choices she wants.

When women are financially empowered, they are better equipped to exercise control over their lives, improve financial security for themselves and their families, and participate more equitably in the workforce.

Our Women’s Economic Prosperity programs provide women with the tools, knowledge and support to overcome economic disadvantages.

Program Offerings

In partnership with Momentum, we offer:

Financial Education

  • Improved understanding of financial matters (budgeting, assets, banking, credit, and consumerism), and develop long-term skills to self-manage their personal finances

Financial Administration

  • Receive one-on-one support to navigate online banking, develop and maintain a weekly budget, make bill payments on time, create a debt repayment plan, and work towards having emergency savings available

Supports young women in achieving economic empowerment and financial stability.

Upcoming Classes:

  • February 16 | 12:00pm | How Consumerism Impacts Our Money
  • March 2 | 12:00pm | Building Your Assets
  • March 16 | 12:00pm | Budgeting Your Paycheque & Income Support
  • March 30 | 12:00pm | Building Your Credit

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Gain an improved understanding of Canadian Learning Bond and support accessing the program.

Women are connected with a financial mentor to support their financial choices and develop a deeper understanding of their finances.

In partnership with CIWA, achieve Level 1 and 2 ECE certification online (teacher led) in a supportive cohort including practicum placement and securing employment.

Get support developing resumes and cover letters, mock interviews, salary negotiations and creating an online professional presence. Learn how to search and apply for jobs online. Receive support with securing employment and maintaining employment.

An evidence-based program designed to support the Alberta Programs of Study for Health and Life Skills from grade 7 through high school (CALM) and is intentional in its multi-grade and formative approach.

The program supports students with developing and maintaining healthy interpersonal relationships (family, friendships, acquaintances, and intimate relationships). Interpersonal relationships impact every sphere of an individual’s life and are key in the transition from adolescence to adulthood for healthy development.

Workshops are purely educational (not counselling sessions or legal guidance) and benefits students in that they will better understand the fundamentals of a healthy relationship:

  • The fundamentals of a healthy relationship
  • Social-emotional development and pro-social behaviour
  • Identifying red flags and addressing unhealthy behaviours
  • Communication and conflict resolution
  • Understanding the importance of personal boundaries, values, and consent
  • Better understanding the importance of diversity and inclusion

The program utilizes a strength-based approach that encourages students to deepen awareness of their own feelings and values, and references brain science education such as the Resilience Scale (Alberta Family Wellness Initiative). Youth will be equipped with the knowledge and tools to thrive in their relationships.

HERE for Youth can be delivered in-person or virtually and consists of two (2) 1.5-hour interactive and strength-based workshops specific to each grade. Each workshop (grade 7 to CALM) can be split into two (2) 40-minute modules that focus on identified learning outcomes. Workshops include a PowerPoint presentation, hands-on interactive materials, and a brief post-workshop survey to support program evaluation and delivery.

The program is inclusive of all educational settings and can be adapted for implementation with specific CBE programs to align with any of the following teaching philosophies: all boys, all girls, Indigenous education focus, or traditional learning centre. The program will collaborate with educators to modify delivery of curriculum if needed and as appropriate.

In partnership with MediaSmarts, a series of workshops designed to teach everyday digital skills, developed with YWCA Canada. Workshops intended to educate and empower survivors focusing on responding to and preventing technology-facilitated violence and building the digital literacy skills of survivors so that they can confidently participate in online communities. To help build survivors’ resilience to increase control over and improve health and well-being by developing the confidence and skills to engage as active and informed digital citizens.

Modules will cover essential digital and critical thinking skills so participants can protect their security, privacy, reputation, and safety online.

What Our Participants Have to Say…

I will be much more likely to reach out for professional support
around investing following this webinar!

The HUB facility is a beautiful and well-equipped space
to learn and grow

There is nothing out there like HereforYouth, this is an excellent program
that is inclusive and preventative in nature

Great workshop! Addressing barriers that women face when it comes to financial literacy, empowerment and independence is such a powerful tool.

The Financial Education program was non-judgmental, and the information was easy to understand. Thanks to this program I feel empowered to make good financial decisions and on the road to financial prosperity

I learned so many financial tips that I wish I had learned throughout my many years of schooling.
Thank you again!

Thank you for all of this great info! It was such a pleasure to join.
I hope that this seminar series will be hosted again!!


Domestic Violence Toolkit

Healthy Relationships Toolkit