Personal training is ideal for those who thrive with individual attention and structure. Whether you’re new to the gym and not sure where to start, or you’re looking to up your game, personal training sessions will have you working one-on-one with a coach who will keep you on track and help you meet your goals.

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Geoff (he/him) uses strength training as a tool to provide people living in bodies of all sizes, ages, colours, abilities and identities the freedom to engage in the world the way they want to. It has been an important component of his physical and mental health strategy for decades, and he can help you integrate it into yours in the same way.

Since 2009, Geoff has lived without a stomach and most of his left lung after a series of medical events attempted to take his life. In 2014, he battled with the loss of his younger brother to homicide and has supported his wife through multiple miscarriages before their surviving two children were born. The key to his life since then has been to embrace this as a gift; not only to live but to thrive in spite of it.

Geoff has been a fitness professional since 2006 and Exercise Physiologist since 2012. His fitness credentials include Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS), Functional Movement Specialist (FMS) & Elite Personal Trainer (ePT). He is certified in Kettlebell, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting and competes in Strongman.

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Ace (they/them) is a CSEP certified personal trainer (in training) who is passionate about all forms of movement. They have years of experience working out in various gyms and have an educational background in kinesiology and personal fitness training. Ace has always loved exercise and has used it as an outlet throughout their lifetime.

Recognizing a lack of queer and trans representation within their local fitness community, they became dedicated to fostering a community built on acceptance, respect, and trust. Understanding both the positive and negative experiences that many folks have had surrounding fitness, Ace wants to help individuals establish a healthier relationship with physical activity. They believe that movement is a way to connect and heal. With this in mind, their aim is to deconstruct how we view “fitness” and re-shape it to focus more on current joys rather than predicted outcomes.

Ace wants to continually advocate the importance of fitness and make it more accessible to all individuals regardless of size, gender, sexuality, age, ethnicity and/or ability. They strive to foster an environment that feels safe to train in, free from pressure and judgment.

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