Program Details

YW Transitional Housing program provides safe and affordable housing for women who are in crisis or transition. We support women in their search for a better future, helping them overcome trauma, focus on healing, develop economic stability and secure safe, affordable housing.

The transitional housing program helps women find and secure safe, affordable permanent housing while they receive individualized support. Once they have secure housing, we connect them to community resources for further support to help them move towards self-reliance, personal growth and independence.

While in the transition shelter program, women have 24/7 access to client support, counselling, and other resources the offered by YW.

Client support teams offer life-skill building including employment workshops, budgeting and community engagement activities.

Sadie’s Story

Facing homelessness and having lost everything thanks to the economic downturn and resulting layoffs, Sadie came to YW’s Transitional Housing for help.

“YW took me in, gave me much-needed support and counsel, and, together, we’re building a meaningful and secure life back up for me again,” she says.

Sadie still remembers the day YW staff welcomed her. “I’ll never forget the day they said, ‘Welcome, Sadie, your room is ready.’” She cried when she saw her own room. After living with an abusive ex-partner for a long time, she finally felt free.

She’s vocal about how grateful she is for the program, and has told staff she’d like to donate her belongings to YW after her death.