A century of support for women and children

Our programs and services are designed to help vulnerable women find stability, then build the skills and confidence they need to make permanent, positive change in their lives. We also offer programs for children and men, as well as services to help women and men overcome language barriers.


Mindful Moments

Learn mindfulness and self-regulation skills to manage stressful situations and build stronger family connections.


Domestic Violence Shelter

YW Sheriff King Home offers a safe place for women and children fleeing violence as they heal, and continued support as they plan for the next stage in their lives.


Transitional Housing

Transitional Housing offers a place for women to stay as they secure housing and take steps towards empowerment and independence.


Community Housing

Secure, safe and permanent supported housing for women who have experienced chronic homelessness, addiction and mental health challenges.


Emergency Shelter

YW offers a safe place for women fleeing violence as they heal, and continued support as they plan for the next stage in their lives.


Community-based Supports

Women facing homelessness receive an individualized plan that helps them overcome health issues and other barriers to establish a secure, stable home.


Group Counselling

Women and their families can build stronger relationships and a healthy future in a safe, supportive environment.



Quality childcare that focuses on play-based learning and experiences for children age one to five years.


Visitation Services

A safe and supportive environment where children and non-custodial parents can connect in times of parental crisis or conflict.


Parent Link Centre

Families find activities, skills and support through a variety of free and fun programs for children under five years of age.