Program Details

YW Counselling for adults provides individual and group counselling for the prevention and treatment of family violence. We help individuals develop knowledge and skills that promote healthy relationships and enhance overall wellness.


This group empowers partners, parents, and caregivers to prevent violence in their families by teaching skills and sharing information. Each session covers resources that develop a protective factor related to domestic violence and child maltreatment.

  • Weekly sessions for eight weeks.

Individualized therapeutic counselling for adults who are facing challenges around communication, relationship conflict, stress management and mental health. Adult counselling focuses on the individual’s needs and strengths while developing skills for mindfulness, emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness and resiliency.

  • Affordable and flexible sliding scale fee is applied
  • Weekly sessions for up to 16 weeks

This program looks at the connection between mindfulness and overall wellness. Delivered as a course, facilitators work with program participants to teach mindfulness skills and how to apply them where and when it matters the most, in everyday life. When mindfulness becomes a part of your daily life, there are many benefits including reduced feelings of stress, improved coping, the ability to recognize and appreciate pleasant feelings, and improved overall wellbeing.  This course is a good fit for anybody looking to improve their overall wellness in a group learning environment.

  • Free
  • 8 weeks

Healthy connections are an important part of our overall wellness. In this program, facilitators teach participants skills related to mindfulness, effective relationships, managing strong emotions, and distress tolerance.  Developing skills in these areas allows participants to have healthy connections with others.   Delivered as a course, participants will learn these skills in the presence of others, allowing for practice, group problem-solving, and connection with others. This course is a good fit for anyone interested in the topic of healthy relationships and who enjoys group learning environments.

  • Free
  • 12 weeks

Domestic Violence Treatment groups are for men and women (groups delivered separately) who have been professionally referred and mandated by the legal system. The focus of the program is to provide skills for healthy relationships and enhance family and community safety through promoting change.

  • Weekly sessions for 16 weeks

Other Counselling Services

Additional counselling programs are available for children and families. Click here to learn more.

Alex’s Story

“I enjoyed and look forward to group, the layers of the ‘onion’ that are being exposed are beneficial to acknowledged, revisit, improved, [so far so good].”