A system of care where no one is left without support.

We give real-time access to assistance in times of crisis.

What we do

Discover ShelterLink, a ground-breaking platform for fostering an integrated System of Care. We provide a cohesive ecosystem of support resources for women and families escaping domestic violence, ensuring those in need find community-based services. Our innovative approach guarantees timely and appropriate support, whether through shelter accommodations or community resources, leaving no one without essential assistance.


Currently, the ShelterLink platform hosts twelve women’s emergency, transitional, and second stage shelters, in Calgary and its surrounding areas. These shelters collaboratively share bed availability information and support services to assist those in need.

We are Empathetic

Empathy allows us to build impactful collaboration and engage the community in real conversations that inspire connection.

We are Innovative

Our ground-breaking agenda for change is lightyears ahead of other communities with the same issues.

We Are Impactful

We are committed to Making a positive difference for our clients, our partners, and within our community.

We Are

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Our Promise

We give rapid access to support

We provide safety in critical situations

Real integrated solutions for our community

Our Impact

“The ShelterLink app is meant to drive understanding and awareness with our partners and community to lessen the impacts of domestic violence by facilitating access to supports.”

– Talia Bell, YW Calgary Chief Programs and People Officer

Do you have questions about ShelterLink?

For all inquiries, start the conversation by emailing kbowers@ywcalgary.ca