Domestic Violence Support

Program Details

YW’s Outreach program is an extension of the YW Sheriff King shelter, offering support to women leaving or experiencing domestic abuse. This program can be a source of short-term support as women seek information and make healthy choices. The focus is safety, connection to community resources, and information and education related to domestic abuse and breaking the cycle of violence.

The outreach team provides short-term case management services to women who have experienced domestic abuse or family violence, either in the community or transitioning from shelter. While women’s experiences are unique, services may include safety planning, abuse education, emotional support, referrals and support around basic needs, system navigation and assistance to access community resources.

The outreach program is an alternate option for women outside of shelter. The outreach team assesses safety and meets women where they are at.

Abi’s Story

Abi fled Syria for Canada with her family, seeking safety. She came to YW looking for opportunities, support and a safe place for her family, having learned about the LINC program through her sponsor family. Finding childcare for her young son was the biggest obstacle for her in taking classes — YW Calgary’s childcare program meant it was possible for her to register and begin learning English. Her son felt safe and cared for in YW’s childcare program, which allowed Abi to focus on learning. Abi’s hard work meant she advanced quickly in the classes, which helped her make new friends. Without access to childcare, Abi would not have been able to attend classes; without the support of her teachers, a brighter future would still feel out of reach.

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