Women’s Economic Prosperity

YW Calgary is excited to introduce new programs as part of our Women’s Economic Prosperity (WEP) initiative. When women are financially empowered, they are better equipped to exercise control over their lives, improve financial security for themselves and their families, and participate more equitably in the workforce. Our WEP programs provide women with the tools, knowledge and support to overcome economic disadvantages.


Feeling stressed out by money is normal when you’re dealing with mental health or addiction challenges. Money Matters, delivered in partnership with Momentum, is a financial empowerment program for those living with cognitive, mental health or addiction challenges. This program will support participants in becoming more financially independent, increase financial stability, and improve mental wellness.

This program offers:

  • Financial administration though daily one-on-one support to help participants manage their money
  • Financial education through workshops to improve financial literacy

Program eligibility:

  • 18+
  • Experiencing addiction or mental health challenges
  • Must have a stable income

Gain the knowledge and confidence to make a lifetime of smart financial decisions. YW Calgary’s Financial Literacy Workshops will teach fundamentals like budgeting, banking, credit and assets to equip you with finance skills for the future. Workshop certificates are issued upon completion.

Workshops are:

  • 2 hours
  • Free to join
  • Delivered virtually
  • For women 18+

Click here to see a calendar of upcoming workshops