Program Details

YW’s Family Access (Visitation) Services provides safe, supported and supervised visitation and exchange services for families who are going through difficult times of transition. Most often in situations where custodial agreements, conflict and other safety issues are a concern, or maintaining contact between children and non-custodial parents can be challenging and stressful. This program helps facilitate visits and exchanges between children and non-custodial parents in a safe, supportive environment, helping foster healthy relationships during times of conflict.

Supervised Visits

We provide a safe and secure environment that allows for supervised contact between a non-custodial parent and their child in the presence of qualified staff. Supervised visits can be voluntary or court-ordered.

Monitored Exchanges

We help facilitate the safe and conflict-free transfer of children between non-custodial and custodial parents for unsupervised visitation when parents are prohibited from having direct contact or have requested no contact with the other parent. There are no fees for the monitored exchange services.

Linda’s Story

“Thank you for what you guys do. This world needs more people like you in it. My children very much enjoy talking with you guys and it’s made it easier to see their father. Your time on Fridays is very much appreciated. Thank you again.”