Program Details

Parenting Time Alternatives is YW Calgary’s flexible, full-fee, supervised service. In our bright, engaging Parenting Time room, parents/caregivers will have privacy for their supervised parenting time, without other families sharing the same space. The Parenting Time room has a variety of toys, games, craft materials and supplies for use during your supervised parenting time.

Flexible days and times can be booked, dependent on staff availability. Fees are based on 1.5 hours, with visits up to a maximum of 3 hours, if availability allows. Fees are paid by the parent/caregiver accessing services, however other payment arrangements can be accommodated if agreed upon by both parties.

Both parents must be in agreement to utilizing the program and complete an intake before supervised parenting time can be scheduled.

Click here to learn about Group Supervised Parenting – our subsidized, fee-for-service offering.