Children’s Counselling

Program Details

You see your child sad, upset, anxious, confused, frustrated or helpless. You want to help them, but how can you when you feel confused, anxious, frustrated, or helpless too?

YW offers individual counselling for children aged four to 17. We use a variety of approaches, including art, talk, mindfulness and play therapy. We call on parents for involvement and support as needed.

Me, Myself & Mind

Me, Myself & Mind, is a group for children in grades four to six (8-12 years). It helps them understand the meaning, importance and application of mindfulness as a tool to control emotions. Children will practice skills and techniques to utilize in settings outside the group.

Other Services

Parents can be referred to our counselling department for individual or group sessions.

Emily’s Story

“Thank you for being there for my daughter. I could not afford to get her the help she needed at a very difficult time for our family. She now has a place to share her feelings and learn to take care of them. She is on the way to becoming the beautiful, empowered, confident woman I always knew she could be. And I am learning to be a parent I want to be – the counsellor provides me with a window onto my daughter’s life and let me know how I can have the close, rich, warm relationship I’ve always wanted . I am grateful for the work YW has done for my family at a time we needed it the most.”

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