Program Details

Group counselling is an affordable way to help you build a healthy future in a safe, supportive environment. It helps build healthy relationships, develop positive parenting skills, stimulate mindfulness, reduce stress, and help women, children, men and families heal from trauma. YW Counselling is a key support in working through isolation, substance and domestic abuse.

YW accepts referrals from Probation and Children’s Services and works with the legal system to provide domestic violence treatment.

Group Programs

More mindfulness = more wellness (for you and those around you!)
Learn key skills and practices to improve your mental health and well-being. This course invites you to become familiar with your mind and thoughts, learning how to work with them more skillfully so you can improve your relationships.
Ready to start living with more contentment, appreciation, wisdom and compassion? Enter mindfulness.

Connection to others starts with a connection to yourself. Learn practical tools that provide the foundation for building healthy relationships. Using the framework of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT), course facilitators will teach mindfulness, emotion management, problem solving and distress tolerance.
Because healthy relationships don’t happen on their own.

Other Services

Women, children, men, and families can be referred to our counselling department for individual or group sessions. YW Calgary provides one-on-one counselling on a case by case basis for those needing extra support. We also refer women to our Family Access services, which provides safe visitation options.

Alex’s Story

“I enjoyed and look forward to group, the layers of the ‘onion’ that are being exposed are beneficial to acknowledged, revisit, improved, [so far so good].”