Program Details

Group counselling is an affordable way to help you build a healthy future in a safe, supportive environment. It helps build healthy relationships, develop positive parenting skills, stimulate mindfulness, reduce stress, and help women, children, men and families heal from trauma. YW Counselling is a key support in working through isolation, substance and domestic abuse.

YW accepts referrals from Probation and Children’s Services and works with the legal system to provide domestic violence treatment.

Building Healthy Relationships for women and men

Separate groups supporting the treatment of domestic abuse, trauma or highly conflicted relationships. Groups focus on goal setting to encourage change, self-empowerment, strength celebration and support to confront difficult changes and choices.

Dialectal Behavioral Therapy (DBT) for women and men

Separate groups for women and men designed to reduce stress and manage strong emotions through mindfulness practice. Highly trained YW counsellors teach DBT skills to help increase pleasant emotions and build happier and healthier lives.

Skills for Healthy Parenting

A FREE group program for parents to learn emotion coaching skills, practice self-awareness and build positive parenting strategies to create healthy family relationships. Parents learn new tools to manage strong emotions in a supportive environment with other parents. Child-minding is available on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Other Services

Women, children, men, and families can be referred to our counselling department for individual or group sessions. YW Calgary provides one-on-one counselling on a case by case basis for those needing extra support. We also refer women to our Family Access services, which provides safe visitation options.

Alex’s Story

“I enjoyed and look forward to group, the layers of the ‘onion’ that are being exposed are beneficial to acknowledged, revisit, improved, [so far so good].”