Program Details

The YW Parent Link Centre offers free programs and services to families with children up to five years old. We help ensure that children get a healthy start in life and parents and caregivers have the necessary tools and supports needed for parenting. We partner with community agencies to offer comprehensive, free community-based programs and services, including:

  • Early Childhood development and care
  • Parenting Education
  • Ages and Stages developmental screens
  • Community referrals
  • Family social events and multicultural celebrations

Other Services

We refer women to our counselling department for individual or group sessions. We also refer women to YW Family Access Services for safe visitation.


The YW Parent Link Centre offers several family events throughout the year, including a Christmas Family Dance and a Stampede Breakfast.

Annie’s Story

Annie came to YW needing child development programs for her young son. With access to only one car, Annie needed programs that were close to her home and didn’t interfere with naptime. Through a little research, she found YW Parent Link Centre (PLC) and started coming to its many programs. Annie says the programs have been amazing for her family. She raves about the staff and the wonderful interactive activities they plan that have helped her son develop his fine motor skills. Annie says her son is more confident from his time playing freely at PLC!