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CALGARY, October 19, 2016 – Today, YWCA Calgary (YW) brings together five years of vision, programmatic and strategic organizational change with a refreshed brand that represents a personality focused on empowering through partnership, advocating with tenacity and leading with fortitude.

The name change from YWCA of Calgary to YW is intended to clearly identify the organization in the community. The colours and logo are fresh, active and modern. They depict the momentum the YW has gained in their work to support women and families. A new tag line “women-centred, brighter-future focused” is at the core of the new YW and connects to the principles adopted earlier this year with the release of their ground breaking Practice Framework.

“Today is a big day for us! Today we celebrate years of work that will continue to help us lead transformation for, and with women in Calgary,” says YW CEO Sue Tomney. “This brand reflects our clarity of service to women and ongoing efforts to demonstrate accessibility and nimbleness in our program delivery and business planning. We are warriors, proactive providers and advocates for women’s safety, social and economic rights.”

The refreshed YW brand is the most recent step in their transformation plan that will ensure the organization can more effectively intervene, empower and lead when and where women need them most. The YW’s services support women to gain control of their lives, achieve economic security and live free of violence.

“We are 105 years old but have a modern outlook and vision for our work and our goals; we continue to commit to meet the needs of vulnerable women in our community,” says Tomney. “We are fearless and ready to embrace new and exciting challenges with a brand that reflects our promise and commitment to women and their families in Calgary.”


About YWCA Calgary:

YW Calgary is the largest and longest serving women’s organization in Calgary. For more than 105 years we have focused on enhancing women’s safety and well-being while advocating for equity. In 2015, the YW supported more than 6,700 Calgary women and families. Together with our donors, government and other social agencies, we provide shelter, supportive housing, counselling, child development, childcare, education and employment programs that help move women from crisis to stability.

Women-centred. Brighter-future focused.

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YW Calgary

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