Taking Care

Virtual- Strengthening Families

This workshop will examine the specific challenges that family restructuring can bring and focus on strategies to promote self-care in adults and children to enhance overall family well-being during separation and divorce. Participants will learn strategies and develop tools to keep themselves and their children emotionally safer through family transitions, as well as recognizing [...]

Early Experiences

Virtual- Strengthening Families

This workshop will explore the impact of family violence and other family conflict on children is developing brains. Stress and anxiety can be healthy responses to difficult situations for children, but when stress and anxiety is prolonged and frequent it can lead to negative health outcomes for children as they grow. Participants in this [...]

Parenting Styles (0-17)

Virtual - Family Resource Network Calgary

Everybody has a parenting style, what’s yours? This workshop will help participants learn about different parenting styles and how these different approaches fit for kids. Register