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Letter of support for Bill 9 Act to Modernize Enforcement of Provincial Offences

YWCA 2015 Provincial Budget

Letter of support for Legalization of Secondary Suites

Letter of continued support for Legalization of Secondary Suites


Winter 2017 Advocate

Summer 2016 Advocate

Winter 2016 Advocate

Summer 2015 Advocate

Winter 2015 Advocate

Fall 2014 Advocate

Spring 2014 Advocate

Fall 2013 Advocate

Spring 2013 Advocate

Case studies and other resources:

YWCA Practice Framework – Part I (2016)

YW requests references be appropriately credited and that you make visible note of the source using the following message:  Used with permission from YWCA Calgary: Practice Framework, 2016

Surviving to Thriving: Assessing the Needs of Vulnerable Women – A YW research report discussing the needs of women in our community, current policies and future recommendations

Social Return on Investment Case Study – Vermilion Energy/YW Education and Employment Resource Centre

Social Return on Investment Case Study – COMPASS Program

Winter 2011 – Voice to the Community

Summer 2011 – Voice to the Community

YWCA 2010 Impact Report

A Place to Rest – Research Report Examining the Role of Transitional Housing in Ending Homelessness for Women

YWCA 2009 Impact Report: Written by Christine Hall, Sarah Fotheringham and Cynthia Wild, members of the Quality Assurance team at the YWCA Calgary

YWCA 2008 Services Summary Report:  The Issues, Facts & Successes; Prepared by Christine Hall and Sarah Fotheringham, Sept. 2009