YW Calgary was honoured to partner with the Willow Park Charity Golf Classic for the 2023 tournament.

For over 30 years, the Willow Park Charity Golf Classic has donated over $12.2 million to multiple charities in Calgary. They are living proof that a small group of people can make a huge impact when they find a shared passion for supporting the most vulnerable members of our community to help them thrive.

In 2021, YW Sheriff King Home was torn down to make way for a new shelter and affordable housing facility. Once operational, we anticipate that there will be 40 moms and more than 100 children at any given time accessing much-needed shelter, housing and healing supports as they move forward after fleeing domestic violence. Funds raised through the 2023 Willow Park Charity Golf Classic will support the construction of Willow Park, a playground structure within the secured courtyard of the new YW Sheriff King Home.

Willow Park is designed to ensure EVERY child in our care has the opportunity to play, make friends, learn, grow and heal.

“YW’s work in the community is empowered by the generosity of groups like the Willow Park Charity Golf Classic and we are so thankful to be this year’s recipient.”

– Sue Tomney, YW Calgary CEO

We would like to thank the sponsors and donors who helped make the 2023 Willow Park Charity Golf Classic a success. We could not build Willow Park without you!

If you would like to support building Willow Park for the children at YW Calgary, please make a donation below.

For more information contact:

Jaclyn Krucik

Senior Development Officer, Annual Giving & Special Events | YW Calgary




For children, play is an important factor of the healing process. Playgrounds like Willow Park allow children to come together, share their stories as they feel comfortable doing so, and find joyful moments together.

Willow Park will be packed with accessible emotional and behavioural elements to help children learn how to navigate the world around them in a way that they can understand and process. Playgrounds help children learn how to work in groups, share, negotiate, solve conflicts, and speak up for themselves when they need to.

Using the environment around them (with toys, props, equipment, and objects) children can articulate their thoughts, fears, and feelings more easily than through talking. Play also improves literacy. Starting from birth, children learn literacy through play and interactions. Through play, kids learn the foundation of how to structure communication. They get to practice back-and-forth conversation, even if they can’t speak, play allows them to communicate with one another through actions.