For Immediate Release
March 8, 2022

(Calgary, AB) – YW Calgary celebrates International Women’s Day today by kicking off a month-long series of important conversations and events. The COVID-19 Pandemic underscored social and economic inequities that demonstrate —despite the decades of advancement—women, no matter their place in society, continue to be more vulnerable when crisis hits. This is an opportunity to commemorate the many accomplishments of women in our communities, while shining a light on the challenges women continue to face.

“The more than two million women in Alberta make up almost half the province’s labour force.” says Sue Tomney, Chief Executive Officer, YW Calgary. “For the last two years, women have been struggling to manage the increased demands the pandemic placed on work, family, and caregiving – often at the expense of their physical and mental wellbeing. To recover we need to ensure women have the resources and supports they need to manage their emotional health, while strengthening their financial wellbeing.”

As we focus on improving conditions for women and gender-diverse individuals, YW Calgary is speaking out today, and throughout this month for women and girls, which advances a more equitable future for everyone. In addition to our programs and services, YW strives to make real change in the community, to remove barriers, and ensure women and gender-diverse individuals have a voice at the tables where impactful decisions are made.

Interview opportunities are available today, and throughout the month. Please call to book a time. For more information on YW Calgary’s International Women’s Day activities, please visit

About YW Calgary:

Voted one of Maclean’s Top 100 Charities of 2020, YW Calgary continues to focus on enhancing women’s safety and well-being while advocating for equity, prosperity and inclusion for all within our community and beyond. Together with our donors, government and other social agencies, we provide crisis and transitional shelter, affordable housing, counselling, parenting supports, childcare, language and economic prosperity programs that help move women from crisis to stability.

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