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This session is all about building community.  Come and hang out in our space, enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, and connect with other caregivers and talk about the journey of raising children in today’s world. The collaboration workshop with Women’s Economic Prosperity (WEP) will provide women with the tools, knowledge and support to empower their development in career aspect.

Coffee and Play is a program that provides a safe and supportive environment where caregivers can bring their little ones to explore and engage in a variety of play activities, and come together with others to discuss their challenges, share their experiences, and learn from one another. During each session, participants will be provided with a warm cup of coffee to enjoy while they engage in discussions and activities with other caregivers. By attending this program, caregivers will have the opportunity to connect with others who understand the challenges they face and gain valuable insights into their role as a caregiver or parent.