Managing Challenging Behaviours (Ages 0-17)

Family Resource Network Hybrid 1715 17 Ave SE, Calgary

Come, learn and discuss how to navigate your child’s challenging behaviors.  We will go over what can cause these behaviors, how to prevent an escalation, and even learn to identify when your child is starting to move up the crisis cycle.  Behavior is a normal part of life.  Being able to support your child [...]


Parent Chat: What is Attachment? (ages 0 – 6)

Virtual FRN Calgary

…and why is it important? Our discussion and exploration of attachment theory will give you a better understanding of this important aspect of parenting for strong, healthy children. Register


Healthy Communication

YW Hub facility - 2nd floor - YW Employment Resource Centre 1715 17 Avenue SE, Calgary

Early Experiences: The Influence of Stress on Children’s Development

Virtual- Strengthening Families

This workshop will explore the impact of family violence and other family conflict on children is developing brains. Stress and anxiety can be healthy responses to difficult situations for children, but when stress and anxiety is prolonged and frequent it can lead to negative health outcomes for children as they grow. Participants in this workshop […]


What to Expect: Supervised Parenting Time

Virtual- Strengthening Families

This session is designed for parents who are involved in any supervised access parenting program. In this workshop we go over navigating our emotions about supervised parenting time, navigating our children's emotions, how missed parenting time affect our children, and how to prepare ourselves and our children for our time together. This workshop is suitable […]