Changing Families

Virtual- Strengthening Families

Come join us to learn more about the Divorce Act and the impact it has on Canadian families experiencing separation and divorce. Participants will learn more about the impact of family conflict on children, describe how it can help keep families safer and apply this knowledge to improve navigation of the family justice system. [...]

Adventurous Play at Pearce Estate Park (Ages 0-6)

YW Family Resource Network 1715 17 Ave SE, Calgary

What is Adventurous Play? What does it look like? What does it mean? Join us with your little ones for an interactive session at the park where we will explore different types of risky play and what that looks like for young children. We will learn how risk-taking during play can expand children’s healthy development […]


Recognize and Respond

Virtual- Strengthening Families

Separation, divorce and family restructuring can bring about a variety of different changes and challenges for both children and their families. Participants in this workshop will learn more about recognizing and understanding children’s needs and emotions during difficult times. Additionally, participant will explore different strategies and skills to be able to respond to their [...]