Sibling Relationships (ages 0-17)

Virtual - Family Resource Network Calgary

Every parent hopes their children will have a strong relationship with one another, but we may feel that we spend most of our time being the referee in their disagreements instead! In this workshop, we will explore sibling dynamics and discuss how to decrease those fights help your children value and form healthy relationships [...]

Learning Responsibilities in the Home (ages 0 – 17)

YW Family Resource Network 1715 17 Ave SE, Calgary

How old should my child be when they start to help? What is age-appropriate chores? How do we find balance in children being expected to pitch in while still enjoying their childhood? We will be talking about helping our children learn responsibility and sharing chores around the home. Register with us for our in-person [...]


Decoding the Teenage Brain (ages 12-17)

Virtual - Family Resource Network Calgary

Ever wonder what your teenager is thinking? Or why they are behaving in such a way? Come join us to learn about teenage brain development and investigate together! Register