For Immediate Release

June 28, 2022

YW Calgary is thrilled to welcome people back into their Hub facility in Inglewood today – Wednesday, June 29, 2022, 4:30 pm at 1715 17th Ave SE- to celebrate the last year’s successes and achievements as well as those who made it all possible. YW’s 111th Annual General Meeting will highlight key accomplishments of the 2021-2022 year as well as outline the organization’s vision and strategy that will shape the upcoming year – from preventative-focused programming to the YW Sheriff King Home Redevelopment Project.

After more than two years of virtual events and meetings, it is time to re-engage with our community and ignite the energy of our Hub facility. “Through the lessons we learned over the last two years, and continue to learn, we were able to hone our expertise, expand our reach, and deepen our impact while continuously supporting women and their families. Those learnings are why we are dubbing 2021 our year of CLARITY,” shares Sue Tomney, YW Calgary’s Chief Executive Officer. “Thanks to the support of our donors and community, over 5,300 women and families were positively impacted by YW. Everyone whose life has been improved by our programs and services takes with them skills that impact how they show up every day, effecting the lives of their loved ones and their communities.”

The last year has seen YW make significant strides in the activation of the 2021-2025 Strategic Plan with renewed focus on domestic violence and mental health, as well as new activations in the area of women’s economic prosperity. Preventative, strength-based programming acknowledges the economic impact of the pandemic on women in Calgary while continuing to intervene, when and where we they are needed most.

About YW Calgary:

Voted one of Maclean’s Top 100 Charities of 2020, YW Calgary continues to focus on enhancing women’s safety and well-being while advocating for equity, prosperity and inclusion for all within our community and beyond. Together with our donors, government and other social agencies, we provide crisis and transitional shelter, affordable housing, counselling, parenting supports, childcare, language and economic prosperity programs that help move women from crisis to stability.

Brighter-future focused.

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