Program Details

This free, eight-week program teaches kids (ages 8 to 12) how and when to use social-emotional skills to cope when challenging situations arise. By learning strategies to manage stressful situations more effectively, participants build stronger family relationships. Each week, participants are provided with new strategies and scenarios. Concepts are explored through group discussions, crafts, online resources, mindfulness exercises, and books.

The program teaches children:

  • What mindfulness is, at a developmentally appropriate level

  • Emotional regulation

  • Understanding the mind-body connection

  • Strategies to cope with difficult situations

  • Identifying feelings

  • The importance of kindness and gratitude

  • New strategies each week to implement into their daily routine

These skills help children to:

  • Be prepared to respond to stresses that arise

  • Connect thoughts, feelings, and actions

  • Grow in compassion and empathy for themselves and others

  • Learn to accept difficult emotions

  • Improve conflict resolution skills

  • Develop a stronger bond between parent/caregiver and child

Information about weekly topics and strategies is sent home via email. Parents and children are encouraged to engage in emotional monitoring and coping practice between sessions. The goal of bringing mindfulness to parenting is to respond thoughtfully to your child’s behaviour or actions versus simply reacting.

Mindful Moments is currently partnering with various Calgary schools for after-school sessions and offering programs at our YWCA Hub location (1715 17 Ave SE) year-round.

If you would like additional information, feel free to contact us at 403-750-2500 or at