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Family Resource Network programs focus on supporting the whole family. This includes providing caregivers and parents with skills and knowledge to strengthen family relationship, teaching children and teens to cope with trauma and improve child and youth development by building resilience and fostering well-being.

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This program includes free virtual workshops (1.5 to 2 hours typically) for parents and caregivers tackling common issues and topics that come up for families with children of all ages. Topics may include anxiety in children, healthy sleep routines, parenting styles, challenging behaviours and coping skills and many more. Activities to build connection and healthy relationships along with support/education groups are also offered.

My Tween and Me  – offered in Fall 2022.  This program provides parents and their tweens with the knowledge, tools and support they need during the child’s transition to adolescence.  Offered to parents/caregivers and their children aged 7 through 12, the program strengthens parent-child communication and supports parents in building a positive relationship with their teen.

This program is  provided by YW Calgary

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This program offers free in-home support (virtually or face-to-face) to parents of children under age 6, to build skills and problem solving strategies that will enable effective and safe home environments for kids. Open to all parents looking for coaching and parenting suggestions for their children under the age of 6.

Our warm and experienced facilitators provide free home visitation support to parents to build skills and problem solving strategies that will enable effective and safe home environments for kids. Facilitators will connect with families in their home or community.

This program is provided by YW Calgary.

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This program supports young parents and soon-to-be parents under the age of 25 and their families.

Families can access a variety of supports, including:

  • Booking medical appointments such as ultrasounds, bloodwork, specialist appointments and more
  • Food Bank referrals
  • Resources and referrals to access furniture, clothing, haircuts, diapers, toys, etc.
  • Income support
  • Referrals to addictions workers and counsellors
  • Parenting classes
  • And more

This program, provided by The Alex, runs out of the Youth Health Centre at The Alex.
Located near the Franklin LRT station 104-2840 2 Ave SE.

Questions & Registration: call 403.262.0497 or email us

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Fathers Moving Forward (FMF) is a strength-based caregiver support program for young fathers who are at risk of child maltreatment and intimate partner violence. The program helps young fathers (14-30) and their children up to 18 years of age years of age.

FMF provides support in four key areas:

  • Individual Support to build youth and parental resilience, including counselling, system navigation, strengthening natural supports, and increasing social and cultural connections in the community;
  • Parenting Together, a weekly co-parenting group to help pregnant teens and their co-parenting partners develop interpersonal skills to establish and maintain a supportive co-parenting alliance regardless of whether the couple lives together or remains romantically involved;
  • Being a Dad, a fathers-only parenting group designed to develop attitudes and skills for male nurturance; and
  • Dad’s Money Management, a financial literacy education group program that follow’s Momentum’s Financial Literacy Training curriculum.

Although currently based out of Louise Dean Centre (LDC) for pregnant and parenting teens, the design of FMF allows for satellite implementation in order to best meet the needs of young fathers. The majority of the individual work with dads occurs on an outreach basis in their homes and in the community.

This program is provided by Kindred.

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Rapid Access Counselling (RAC) is available to parents/caregivers of children of all ages. Children aged 3-17 can be served directly through Rapid Access Counselling, seen individually and/or with parents. The video modality is appropriate for parents/caregivers and youth 14+.

  • The RAC program is a single-session counselling service where families can access service when experiencing vulnerabilities that may increase their risk for child maltreatment or neglect – without facing a lengthy waitlist.
  • RAC is a compassionate, cost-effective, and innovative alternative to longer term counselling.
  • This 75-minute goal-based and solution-focused counselling service can be accessed by children, parents/caregivers and families as often as they need.

This program is provided by Kindred
Located at 250, 707 10 Ave SW

Questions & Registration: call 403.262.0497 or email us

Infant/Parent Mental Health Support is designed to improve the quality of parent-child interaction.

Participants must be a low-income earner with young children (0-6 years-old). Siblings of the families will be considered for intervention as well, as the functioning of the whole family system is crucial.

  • Play Therapist: Will offer both individual and parent-child work using play therapy interventions, techniques and assessments.
  • Family Development Coaches: These individuals support the interventions of the Play Therapist and work to strengthen parent-child interactions, increase parenting capacity, and reduce toxic stress. Family Development Coaches will also use ATTACH intervention to support the parent’s interactions with the child.

This program is provided by CUPS.
Services will be delivered on site at in fully equipped therapy rooms and observation rooms.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters mentoring programs are community and school-based programs that facilitate a natural supports relationship between a young person and a caring adult or teen mentor. Programs are 1:1, following best practices for effective mentoring.

The following mentoring programs are available:

  • Teen Mentoring: Matches children with teen mentors in a school setting. The matches meet weekly so that the child can benefit from the support and attention of an older youth, and the mentor can develop skills in leadership. This supervised program is designed to bring about positive outcomes in both mentee and mentor.
  • Youth Mentoring: Facilitates a natural supports relationship between a youth of 13-18 years of age and a caring adult mentor, with the understanding that this is a time of future planning and transition to adulthood. Matched events are tailored for the youth age group and include activities relating to education, career and personal development.
  • PRISM: Provides LGBTQ2S+ identified children and youth with a mentor who also identifies as LGBTQ2S+. The core focus of this program is assisting the mentee in positive identity development and connecting them to the wider LBGTQ2S+ community. Due to the complexities of finding the ideal mentor and generally the challenges faced by these young people, the intervention is considered intensive.

These mentoring programs are provided by Big Brothers Big Sisters.

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An internationally recognized family therapy model, Functional Family Therapy (FFT) is a unique way of working with families that specializes in dealing with the most challenging family circumstances.  We are committed to finding a solution to the struggles that you and your family are facing, and we welcome all families who need our support. Over the course of 10-14 sessions, you and your family will learn new skills and better connect with one another.

Is FFT for me?

FFT is for you if you are a family with a child between the ages of 0 and 18 and are dealing with any of the following challenges:

  • involvement with the youth criminal justice system
  • family conflict
  • problems at school
  • mental health concerns

The majority of your FFT sessions will take place in your home. However, there may be times when your therapist asks you to meet in a community hub or office location, which will be accessible by transit.

This program is  provided by Carya

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LENA Start is a program for parents that uses regular feedback from LENA’s “talk pedometer” technology to help increase interactive talk in order to close the early talk gap, improve school readiness, and build stronger families. Over the course of 10 weekly sessions, parents and caregivers learn about the importance of interactive talk along with ways to incorporate more conversation into their daily routines. The program combines the use of LENA technology to measure the home language environment with parent group meetings that teach simple techniques to improve the quantity and quality of adult-child talk.

This program is provided by YW Calgary in partnership with Calgary Reads.

Questions & Registration: call 403.262.0497 or email us.

About the network

The Family Resource Network is a collaborative group of community-based service providers offering prevention and early intervention services and supports for families with young children and teens.

YW Calgary coordinates the Calgary City Centre Family Resource Network programs and provides services alongside five other community partners, including CUPS, The Alex, Carya, Kindred, Big Brothers Big Sisters.