Currently Accepting New Intakes!

YW Calgary’s Counselling programs are currently open for new intakes. Our services are available to all individuals currently.

For inquiries regarding service application, please reach out to our team via email at

In the event of a crisis, please contact our crisis line at 403.266.0707. If you are facing immediate danger, please dial 911.

Child and Family Counselling

We understand that everyone can benefit from support, regardless of their role as a parent or child. Family counselling provides a safe and supportive space for parents/caregivers and children ages 4 to 17 who have experienced adverse effects of family violence, family breakdown or conflict, and/or mental health challenges, to strengthen their relationships and build a brighter future together. Using a Family Systems approach, the program is intended to increase resilience, emotion regulation, connection, and skills for coping.

We welcome referrals from Probation and Child and Family Services and we collaborate with the legal system to offer specialized domestic violence treatment, ensuring comprehensive support for those in need.

Join us in embracing a journey towards a stronger, healthier family.

Our Team

Meet our dynamic Counselling team, comprised of skilled Counsellors and Group Facilitators who are registered professionals specializing in Social Work, Counselling, and Psychology. Together, they provide advanced, evidence-based programming tailored to meet your needs.


We operate on a sliding scale that is tailored to your financial circumstances.

Your fee will be determined during your initial intake session, considering factors such as your annual income, number of dependents, and insurance coverage.

Our goal is to work collaboratively with you to establish a manageable fee. This approach ensures that anyone can access our counselling services, regardless of their financial situation, and prevents anyone from being turned away due to financial constraints.

Our accessible services guarantee that all our clients, particularly those who are most vulnerable, can access high-quality care.

How to Apply

To access our Counselling services, contact us at or call 403.536.2844. Our team will guide you through the intake process and assist in selecting the most suitable program for your needs.

The Impact of Our Counselling Services

In 2023, our Counselling programs made a profound impact, serving 463 adults and 533 children, empowering lives, and fostering growth.

More About Our Programs

Individualized therapeutic counselling for families with children ages 4 to 17. Family counselling provides a safe and supportive environment for families to build stronger relationships and a healthy future. It includes art and play therapy, talk therapy and mindfulness practice.

  • Free
  • Weekly sessions for up to 16 weeks

This program is for parents/caregivers of children ages 5 and up who want to build meaningful connections and receive support around their parenting needs. This 8-week group aims to build on strengths and teach new skills on how to manage strong emotions and challenging behaviours, to improve problem solving and strengthen family relationships. Utilizing peer support as well as guidance from group facilitators, this group is a safe space for caregivers to come together to share their experiences on parenting and build healthier, safer connections within their family and their community.

Other Counselling Services:

Additional counselling programs and courses are available for adults. Click here to learn more.

Cynthia’s Story

Cynthia needed a safe place to be heard and understood. The support helped her make changes in the unhealthy patterns in her life and help to create healthy ones. By receiving this support, her knowledge and awareness of options and choices for her and her family increased. It gave Cynthia hope for a positive future.