Program Details

Intensive Case Management Outreach (ICM)

The ICM team offers one-on-one support that includes counselling, street outreach and basic life-skills development. The ICM team create individual plans for each client, based on their needs and goals, and follow them for a three-year period. The ICM team will also refer clients to other agencies that can help address their complex needs.

The major strength of this program is its flexibility — the team is aware of how differently homelessness affects each individual, and understands the solutions available. They work closely with the client to create a plan that works for them based on their lifestyle and previous successes.

In addition to client work, the ICM team conducts in-services with community agencies and runs group workshops to help raise awareness of the issues homeless individuals face.

Kate’s Story

“The programming I’ve received personally from the ICM [Intensive Case Management Outreach] team has raised the bar for humanity for me and given me hope, faith, and self-worth and made me feel blessed. I’m grateful for this program for giving me a roof over my head with respect and integrity. It is truly ineffable. Thank you for making me feel loved and cared for. YW raises the bar for humanity and have single-handedly empowered me when I needed it most.”