YW she who dares

YW Calgary is thrilled to share our Canada 150 project: a creative, engaging and interactive installation highlighting the stories of 150 women, known and lost to history who have impacted Calgary during the last 150+ years.

What is the project?

A one-of-a-kind interactive and creative installation which encourages the audience to discover the impacts made by women in our community. Audiences are invited to explore and uncover the stories of 150 incredible women.

Why does the project matter?

Women have always impacted history, but not all their stories have been told. YW’s She Who Dares is a one-of-a-kind project for the Calgary community centring on sharing women’s history from before confederation to today. The project celebrates Canada’s sesquicentennial by highlighting and celebrating women. It’s matters because many women’s impact on history came during a time where women were discouraged from stepping outside their limited roles.

How are the women organized?

The installation outlines where 150 extraordinary women fit and when they had the greatest impact on our community. The categories show one of many ways to group these women, showing their connections and significant areas of impact.

How were the women selected?

YW invited a group of women from outside of the organization to help us generate ideas and ultimately nominate and support selection. The committee helped us think through how we would respect contributions of women beyond the 150 years of Confederation and developed 150+ concept. YW hosted a public call for nominations which began in April 2017, there were posters in community centres/coffee shops, tent cards & bookmarks at libraries, digital call out & webpage to submit.

After the month long nomination campaign, YW had its list and now needed to select the 150 women to be celebrated – again with help from the committee. Some goals of the selection process were to demonstrate the diverse history of Calgary; identify pioneers who took first steps for women and who had connections to YW (106 of the 150 years). YW knows some women have been missed – in the end there are 152 women (one group of three who could not be separated).

150 Women Through 150+ Years

Dates depicted are primary decade of impact. Click here to view filter descriptions

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October 26 – November 1 2017

City Hall Municipal Building
800 Macleod Trail SE
Calgary, AB

Hours for viewing:
6 AM – 6 PM
Monday to Thursday

November 2 – 16 2017

Glenbow Museum
hallway Calgary TELUS Convention Centre
130 9 Ave SE
Calgary, AB

Hours for viewing:
6 am –11 pm

*Please note that on Thursday, November 2 the Glenbow Museum will be offering
Free First Thursday Nights from 5 – 9 pm. Great opportunity to see the exhibit and explore the Glenbow Museum.

November 17 – 30 2017

Calgary Public Library: Central Library
616 Macleod Trail SE
Calgary AB

Hours for viewing:
Monday to Thursday
9 AM – 8 PM
9 AM – 6 PM
10 AM – 5 PM
Sunday – Closed

December 1 – 10 2017

Fort Calgary National Historic Site
750 9 Ave SE
Calgary, AB

Hours for viewing:
Sunday – Saturday
9 AM – 5PM


YW Calgary would like to thank all who made this project possible. First and foremost are the 150 women who were selected and the women and men who nominated them. YW hopes this installation continues to shine a light on the contributions of women for years to come.

This project is funded in
part by the Government
of Canada and YW Calgary.

Ce projet est finance en partie par le gouvernement du Canada et YW Calgary.


Rebecca Morley
Board Chair

Kate Thompson
Board Vice Chair

Kate Fischer
Board Secretary

Elaine Wong
Board Treasurer

Amie Blanchette
Board Member

Cheryl Cardinal
Board Member

Jasdeep K. Dhaliwal
Board Member

Penny Favel
Board Member

Nancy Foster
Board Member

Jacqui McGillivray
Board Member

Lara Murphy
Board Member

Georgine Ulmer
Board Member

Shannon Young
Board Member


Executive Team

Sue Tomney
Chief Executive Officer

Anna Nelson
Chief Financial Officer

Jan Damery
Vice President,
Fund Development

Elsbeth Mehrer
Vice President,
People + Engagement

Heather Morley
Vice President,
Programs + Services

She Who Dares

Nancy Close
Vera Crowchild
Lorna Crowshoe
Sara-Jane Gruetzner
Madeline King
Kathé Lemon
Donna Livingstone
Gael MacLeod
Sarah Meilleur
Beba Svigir
Wendy Tynan


Omid Amidad
Aditya Banerjee
Taylor Barrie
Gwen Becker
Alicia Bjarnason
Ashley Bristowe
Brent Buechler
Matt Burgener
Kit Chan
Melody Charlton
Greg Clark
Vera Crowchild
Dawn Cruickshank
Al Duerr
Bonnie Dupont
Elena Esina
Amanda Foote
Kristin Fry
Susan Gillies
Glenbow Museum
Sam Hester
Deanna Holt
Tracy Johnson
Pritha Kalar
Madeline King
Melanie Kjorlien
Pam Krause
Anila Lee Yuen
Vincent Leung
Donna Livingstone
Melissa Luhtenan
Allison Maher
Jane MCCaig
Roxanne MCCaig
Paul McIntyre Rovston
Donald McSwiney
Sarah Meilleur

Lorraine Melchior
Tianna Melnyk
Farah Moin
Jina Morissette
Rodney Muir
Doreen Orman
Maxine Parris
Carole Perkins
Cindy Pilz
Marla Rabinovitch
Astrid Rodriguez
Rita Sasges
Raman Sawhney
Rosalyn Schmidt
Jackie Sieppert
Susana Slavnik
Kerri Souriol
Michéle Stanners
Stephanie Talbot
Amanda Thomas
Kate Thompson
Barbara Thrasher
Wendy Tynan
Judith Umbach
Alida Visbach
Peggy Webb
Frances Wright
YW Calgary

For more Iinformation, please contact:
Carla Link

(p) 403.705.5779
(e) clink@ywcalgary.ca