Program Details

The Canadian Employment Skills (CES) Program works with immigrants who have professional backgrounds and experience, and intermediate to strong language skills, but are experiencing challenges starting their careers in Canada. This employment readiness program helps them develop an awareness of Canadian work culture and establish Canadian work experience as a step towards achieving meaningful employment. Our six- month, full-time program includes classroom instruction and work experience.  We also offer job-search assistance for clients who need it.

Samanthi’s Story

In 2008, Samanthi came to Canada from Sri Lanka, where she had been employed as an engineer for more than two decades. After settling in Calgary with her family, she began looking for work in her field — she sent out hundreds of resumes; had her qualifications valuated; took workshops in resume writing, interview skills and job search; studied English; and updated her skills through courses.

Unfortunately, Samanthi was unable to find work in her field. She found a survival job with a printing company, but the company closed down and she was without work. To make ends meet, she found position with a fast food restaurant and in a cafeteria. All while she continued taking night courses.

One day, a friend told her about the Canadian Employment Skills program at YW Calgary. Samanthi said the “CES program restored my confidence; it helped me understand how I needed to adapt my ways of thinking and how important communication and building relationships were in the Canadian workplace.”

After her 12-week work experience, she was offered a position at an energy company.

Now, says Samanthi, “My family and I are happy. I am happy because I feel like I belong in Canada, that I am contributing and using my skills. Now I am proud to call Canada my home”.