Individual Counselling

Program Details

YW Calgary provides one-on-one counselling for women, children and men who need extra support, as well as recommendations for additional resources and programs from us and our partner organizations.

Counselling is key for vulnerable women and their families who have experienced trauma, isolation, substance abuse, domestic abuse and other issues. Our counselling team covers a broad spectrum of needs and outcome focuses. If you feel counselling can benefit you, or if you need help, call YW and we will find the right path.

Other Services

Women, children and men can be referred to our counselling department for individual or group sessions. We also refer women to our safe visitation program.

Kelly’s Story

Kelly knew she was in danger and she was afraid. Kelly began accessing YW counselling after years of abuse from her former partner. With the support of her counsellor she began to understand how much danger she was in and that she needed to leave.

After attending more than 24 weeks of counselling, Kelly began to take control of her life. Today, Kelly is a home owner who is thriving in the community and she credits part of her success to her experience with YW.

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