A new report says the crime rate in Calgary is dropping, but it’s unclear if there is truly less crime, or if fewer people are reporting incidences to police.

The YWCA of Calgary Elsbeth Mehrer recently spoke with the Calgary Herald on why domestic violence is often unreported:

[callout title=””]YWCA spokeswoman Elsbeth Mehrer said the majority of domestic violence is unreported.


In the YWCA’s shelter and treatment programs, they will hear from victims who do not come forward for many reasons.


“Certainly, for women fear and shame and isolation are a huge, complex part of this issue,” Mehrer said. “We continue to hear from people who say they were just so embarrassed that this was happening to them and they were concerned that it would cost them their reputation with their families, their friends that all of that was bound up in the notion of reporting.”[/callout]

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