The Triple P – Positive Parenting Program is designed to prevent – as well as treat – behavioural and emotional problems in children and teenagers. Since 2009, YWCA Parent Link Corridor has been providing free parenting seminars, groups and one-on-one parenting counselling at the YWCA downtown location and at partner sites around the city.

We spoke to YWCA Child Development Counsellor, Shelly McElroy, to learn more about the program.

What services do we offer to families through the Triple P program?

One size does not fit every family and the great thing about Triple P is that families have options. Some parents enjoy the brief, targeted information of the seminars while others tell us that they enjoy interacting with other parents in the parenting groups. Some prefer to meet with a counsellor individually to discuss specific goals such as toilet training, promoting self-esteem or managing fighting and aggression. Often, we incorporate a free developmental check-up for children so that families can learn about how their child is progressing. These services are always free and we are happy to provide certificates of attendance if families would like them.

What are some of the successes you see with the program?

Participant feedback describes that families learn how to create a safe and interesting learning environment for their children at every age and stage, how to promote their children’s development and how to manage their children’s behavior. Most importantly, many parents also describe a renewed sense of connection to their children and that they are finding parenting more enjoyable.

What positive impact do you see on children and families?

Parents report that Triple P helps them to identify their goals while exploring their own strengths and abilities and those of their children. Counsellors support families to practice their new skills and to begin problem solving on their own. As a facilitator, I love to ask parents to think about their strengths and things they appreciate about their children. Sometimes families have been focusing so much on their challenges that they need to be reminded of what they already are doing well.

Anything else you’d like to add about the program?

Triple P is a really satisfying program to facilitate. It is especially exciting for me when I hear families talking more about their love for their children and their enjoyment of parenting and less about their children’s behavior. We believe that all of the hard work required to run the program is absolutely worth it if it helps to get children and families off to a great start in life.

To learn more about the Triple P program check out this website launched by the Government of Alberta, or call YWCA Parent Link Corridor at 403-262-0497.