iStock_000013050910_LargeAngela was a client of YWCA Mary Dover House transitional housing multiple times from 2004-2012.

She suffered many traumas in childhood and managed her pain through the use of drugs and alcohol.

Many of her stays at YWCA Mary Dover House transitional housing ended in evictions, but she was always able to return, receive support, encouragement and counselling as well as community connections.

Angela attended addictions treatment many times and each stay in our program resulted in an improvement in her functioning and ability to cope. She displayed strength and resiliency through each of her treatments.

She has not been a client of the YWCA of Calgary since 2012, but she continues to call for support, encouragement and to provide updates on her progress.

Angela has now been clean for over 18 months. She attends counselling and is now gainfully employed in a position that provides support and guidance to Aboriginal women.

She is very thankful to the YWCA of Calgary for the support she received over the years as she journeyed through her pain to her current position, where she is thriving and providing support to vulnerable women in the community.