The YWCA of Calgary offers counselling services for parents and children to help deal with family violence and set a path to healing, learning and thriving in a safe community.

Read a success story from a client who accessed our counselling services in 2013:

After leaving my abusive husband, it became clear over the weeks ahead that my children and I had all been affected by the violence. My daughter was having emotional outbursts, the boys were yelling and fighting and I was afraid. This was the lifestyle we had been accustomed to.

We all needed understanding of what we were living through – we had all experienced and fell victim to family violence.

To help us recover from the trauma, we started going to group sessions at the YWCA Sheriff King Home emergency shelter. I see change in the kids every week. They learn survival tools, healthy boundaries, self-worth and genuine love to and from others. I am absolutely engrossed in the teachings, learning more and absorbing everything.

It has been over a year now since our journey began and we finally have a home full of respect for one another, peace and so much love.

We are all thriving, we are free.