The holidays are soon upon us and the spirit of giving is in the air. For many, it is time to cozy up by the fireside— but unfortunately, not everyone has that luxury. On any given night, more than 170 women and children sleep at YW Calgary because here they are safe. Like many of YW’s proud supporters, you may be curious about the best way to make a difference this winter. You might be wondering, “What kind of gifts are the most impactful to women and families at YW?”

At YW, we know that investing in women and their families through monetary donations is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Hearing the stories behind why people want to give to YW Calgary is one of the highlights of our work. Many people donate because they are passionate about our cause to support and empower women and their families. Others donate because they have a personal connection to our programs and want to give back. We can’t help but be deeply touched by all the gifts offered and the thought that lies behind each and every one of them.

Women and families often come to us on the worst day of their lives. YW is here to help them make their own choices when they arrive, including picking food, clothing and personal items. Many women have had the power of choice taken away from them for years and the freedom of choice and decision-making can be a vital step in the journey towards independence.

For this reason, the most effective and efficient way to help our clients is through monetary donations. Here’s how monetary donations compare to other forms of giving:

  • In-kind donations can be helpful, but each woman we support has different needs. It takes significant resources to manage, sort, organize and store donated items and those resources could be better utilized directly impacting the women and their families.
  • Sometimes second-hand donations are not well taken care of, or sometimes there isn’t enough of one item to go around. Offering cash donations diminishes this risk by allowing us to source what our clients need, enables women to choose their own items and demonstrates that everyone is deserving of new items that are personal to them.
  • Funds can be used not only to purchase things, but they can also contribute to programs themselves! For a woman to thrive she needs the tools and skills to best to take care of herself and her family. A monetary donation goes far beyond a single item and allows people to have agency over their own lives.

By giving to YW Calgary, you can make an impact in the lives of the women and their families during the holidays and throughout the year. Check out the YW Virtual Holiday Store to give back this holiday and make a difference for families in your community!