Blue Monday, grey January & underemployment

Like many Calgarians, Julie found herself affected by the economic downturn in 2016. She lost her job and was unsure where to turn for support. Unsuccessful in her job search for several months she began searching for tools and strategies to help her secure employment. Julie found YW and immediately felt welcomed and connected with the personable staff at the YW Women’s Employment Resource Centre (ERC)

For several weeks Julie received one-on-one career coaching and began to feel hopeful and optimistic in her search for employment for the first time in months. The ERC offered support in many areas of Julie’s job search. She received guidance on resume and cover letter writing to help her stand out and highlight her skills in a competitive job market. She attended a number of ERC workshops and information sessions; she networked with other professionals and found a great support system of other women also seeking employment.

Julie was able to secure a job she enjoys and is very excited about the new skills and knowledge she acquired with the help of YW Career Counsellors. “I would not have done this on my own,” says Julie. “With the support I received from the YW and my Career Counsellor, I was successful in finding employment. I landed a long-term contract for 18 months, where I may have a good chance of full time work after. I’m so grateful for the support I received through YW Women’s Employment Resource Centre.”

For many who can’t or are simply unable to access important resources like our Women’s Employment Resource Centre, there is no reprieve from the financial pressure they feel year round. Many of us, experience a similar struggle when January comes around and brings with it the financial aftermath from the holidays and some of the coldest weather of the year.

Imagine, if that financial pressure and stress you feel never ends, if you wonder whether you’ll have enough money for food, like one in five Calgarians does every day. For many women we support through the YW Women’s Employment Resource Centre, this is their reality and January is another reminder of their daily struggle.

To support women experiencing isolation and unemployment or underemployment, YW’s Employment Resource Centre team members actively reach out to clients to engage them, encouraging them to come in to utilize the resources in the ERC and participate in our weekly Women’s Networking Circle and workshops or meet with a YW ERC team member. While keeping them motivated with their work search, clients are engaged in a social aspect as well when with team members and other clients. In turn, this works to reduce isolation and expanding their job search network.

If you want to support women who are unemployed or underemployed, consider joining us at our 5th annual CELEBRATE event where we celebrate International Women’s Day and support YW’s Women’s Employment Resource Centre.

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