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This workshop is part of a series of virtual workshops to support parents and children as they transition back to school in September. This sessions will offer parents skill-building opportunities and practical strategies for common topics that impact families. By empowering parents with information and the necessary skills, we can create a more stable home environment during these challenging times.

This workshop will include:

  • Content knowledge to increase understanding of healthy child development
  • Mindfulness and self-regulation strategies to manage stress
  • Parent coaching skills to help children engage in effective behavior
  • Strategies to build resilience and promote well-being in families as a whole

This program is free!

This is a Mindful Moments workshop. Mindful Moments provides FREE programs and workshops for parents and children to help develop mindfulness skills, manage strong emotions and reduce the likelihood of impulsive behaviour and mental health concerns.

How to Register

Call 403.750.2500 or email us with your questions.