Infant Feeding Series: Introducing Solids to your Baby (ages 6-12 mos)

Virtual - Family Resource Network Calgary

Infant Feeding Series: March 2 -Nutrition During the First Months and Getting Ready to Start Solids (ages 0-6 mos.): Questions about breast or formula feeding? What are the signs of readiness for solids? March 9 -Introducing Solids to your Baby (ages 6 – 12 mos.): What are the foods to offer first and what [...]

Healthy Boundaries (ages 0-17)

Virtual - Family Resource Network Calgary

The ability to set healthy boundaries is a skill that adults and children alike can benefit from. Healthy boundaries allow us to ask for what we need and set limits in a way that is respectful of ourselves and others in our life.  This session will focus on identifying, strategizing and practicing setting healthy [...]