Financial Literacy Workshop series | Week 3: Banking, Saving & Investing


This session will teach you about different banking products, account features, reducing bank fee cost, how to use online banking safely.  Participant will also learn on effective strategies on how to save money & different investing options like Guaranteed Income Supplements, Stocks, ETF, bonds etc. This session also provides information in regard to different government […]

Story and Rhyme (ages 0-6)

YW Family Resource Network 1715 17 Ave SE, Calgary

Join us for our in-person story and rhyme time. We will explore our favourite songs, rhymes and stories together and you can bring new ideas home with you. Register

Bits and Bites (ages 0-17)

YW Family Resource Network 1715 17 Ave SE, Calgary

RegisterRegister Come and learn how to prepare a simple, affordable, and delicious family meal while talking about the importance of slowing down, checking in, and the power of being present at the dinner table. Samples, recipe and a take home food package will be included! Limited to 10 participants. Register