Busy Bodies (ages 0-6) Plus Playtime

YW Family Resource Network 1715 17 Ave SE, Calgary

This workshop will explore different definitions of physical literacy and what that looks like for young children. Facilitators will share information on how being active benefits children for their healthy development (including their brain development) as well as builds strong foundations that will help them thrive and stay active for life! Register with us [...]


Taking Care: Physical and Mental Well-being for Families During Separation and Divorce

YW Calgary Online (Virtual) 1715 17 Ave. S.E., Calgary

This year has been stressful for many, but especially so for families who are experiencing separation and divorce. This workshop will examine the specific challenges that family restructuring can bring, and focus on self-care strategies for adults and children to enhance overall family well-being. Participants will learn strategies and develop tools to keep themselves [...]

Videogame Use and Abuse

Virtual - Family Resource Network Calgary

Video gaming has precipitated a major cultural shift in entertainment and socialization, similar to the advent of radio, television, and the internet.  This health session talks about videogame types & design, videogames & disordered use, decreased & increased risks of addiction, interventions, and resources. Register [...]


Constructing Consistency Through Positive Guidance

YW Calgary Online (Virtual) 1715 17 Ave. S.E., Calgary

Do you struggle with how to manage your child’s behaviour at times? Do you feel like you have tried everything and nothing is working? This workshop will provide parents and caregivers with evidence-based information, support and resources that will help build the skills to effectively guide and support children’s behaviours. Participants will learn new [...]