Children’s Grief & Disappointment

Virtual - Family Resource Network Calgary

What do you do when your child experiences grief or disappointment? Whether they didn’t get what they wanted or if they’ve lost a loved one, it can be hard to know how to help your child. This session will cover different levels of child development and tools you can use to help them manage the […]


What to Expect: Supervised Parenting Time Explained

YW Calgary Online (Virtual) 1715 17 Ave. S.E., Calgary

Being ordered to have supervised parenting time with your child can bring up anxiety, but knowing what to expect and being able to prepare ahead can help us be more confident, present and comfortable. This workshop will provide an overview of what to expect during supervised parenting time, provide strategies to help make this time […]

Practicing Self-Compassion (Plus Playtime)

YW Family Resource Network 1715 17 Ave SE, Calgary

As parents we have lots of experiencing showing compassion to our children, but are we as compassionate with ourselves? Join us for this parent chat as we explore together how to practice self-compassion, as a skill key to our own well-being as parents. Register with us for our in-person workshops that offer Plus Playtime and […]


Strides Forward: Strategies and Supports for Effective Co-parenting

YW Calgary Online (Virtual) 1715 17 Ave. S.E., Calgary

Learning how to move forward and navigate a co-parenting arrangement amongst changing relationships can be difficult. Join Family Access Services to learn more about common challenges associated to co-parenting, the benefits of establishing a healthy co-parenting arrangement and different strategies and ideas for making co-parenting more manageable. This program is free of charge and open […]