Values Centred Care

Respect. Responsibility. Honesty. Caring. 

YW caregivers model our core values and help create a strong foundation for children to learn and understand how to use the values in their daily interactions.

Learning Through Play

Our philosophy is that children learn through play. We are supporting play-based learning by noticing the learning that is happening, naming these activities through reflection on holistic play-based goals, and observing children’s dispositions to learn. 

Detailed Communication & Close Relationships

Parents can expect daily reports with information about the day-to-day activities and experiences of their child and are able to drop into the centre at any time. Our team also strives to maintain open communication with all our families in order to best support them and meet their unique needs.

“I appreciate getting the weekly updates on what is going on; things parents need to know is happening as well as the clear communication and updates when the pandemic hit. It was appreciated the efforts by the YW Childcare team to keep families engaged when lockdown happened to keep the kids feeling connected.”

YW Parent

“The daily reports are a literary gem! 🙂 Not only useful but help us feel part of our child’s day and we can share it with long distance family members. We really appreciate the effort put in the reports.”

YW Parent

“Heather does a great job of keeping families in the loop. She’s also very accommodating when it comes of scheduling. We love that fact that the kids have time to play and explore outside almost everyday.”

YW Parent

“I feel so comfortable knowing staff help, challenge/teach my kids. They inform me when there’s any concerns and give me guidance when I ask how to help with certain issues. The admin staff has been helpful and informative.”

YW Parent

Homemade Meals

Children receive two daily snacks and a hot lunch as a part of our program. All meals are made fresh in our on-site community kitchen and menus are rotated regularly. Our centre offers a standard and vegan menu to meet the diverse dietary needs of the children attending.

Meet Chef Rachelle

How to Register

YW Kids is open to the public.

Call 403.232.1594 or email us.

Hours of Operation

Monday – Friday
7:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.