A Consistent, Educated Team

We are very proud of the childcare team here at YW Calgary – all of whom have been with our organization for several years. Their commitment and dedication truly embodies our philosophy that children forming secure attachments is of upmost importance.

Professional development is essential for educators who provide quality childcare. Our commitment to ongoing learning ensures that YW educators are kept up to date with childcare best practices and advancements in early childhood education.

Meet Our Team

Here’s what some of our parents have to say…

“I have appreciated the staff at YW so much over our years. Everyone who has worked with my child has been caring and flexible to my child’s needs. I appreciate that turn over in minimal and there is a steady presence for my child. This also tells me that the educators must be treated well and also appreciated by the center.”

YW Parent

“I have really enjoyed seeing how engaged the staff is with each child. You can really see that they truly care and are not just ‘working a job’.”

YW Parent

“There is a true connection between the educators and my child, she is learning new things and making new experiences every day at her own pace. I can see it in her constant progresses and how happy she is every day.”

YW Parent

“The staff are so wonderful, our daughter loves attending daycare and is learning so much. I love seeing the photos of the kids and their learning. We value that the programming is tied to the neurodevelopmental needs of the children.”

YW Parent

“The loving staff, I feel like they are a part of our family and genuinely care about my children.”

YW Parent

“We love the program. The instructors and staff are superb! I am so happy that our daughter goes to the Y.”

YW Parent

“The kindness of the educators and our child’s enthusiasm to go each day – we truly feel welcomed and cared for by everyone.”

YW Parent

“The staff really make a great difference, we have seen so much passion and professionality put in their work. The experience and the continuous education of staff are important to us. We feel that the educators are part of our child’s life.”

YW Parent

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