Clarity creates action

Clarity of intent & direction creates energy and stimulates increased action.

By clarifying our strategy, our practice, and our work we positively impacted even more women and their families this past year. We activated our strengths and moved forward on projects that will create lasting change for the entire community.

“Clarity truly does bring action.
This year has been filled with many significant milestones for YW.”

In last year’s annual report, I shared the clarity we had gained that helped us to hone our expertise, expand our reach and deepen our impact. This year I am thrilled to share where we have taken that clarity.

A Message from our Chair

YW has continued this year to move forward with action and energy while focusing on impact for everyone who connects with the organization.  

Our Board

It takes a village to create enduring impact and our exceptional Board of Directors who volunteer their time, talent and expertise are key to ensuring YW remains a well-governed and well-led organization. 

Our Donors

In prolonged uncertainty, our donors have continued to believe in the vital work we do. Your generosity provided a lasting impact on the lives of women and their families in our community. Last year, you showed trust and belief in YW Calgary’s mission work.

A look at our 2022-2023 Financials


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Total: $ 15,640,939

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We value our donors more than ever. Your generosity allowed us to have a lasting impact on the lives of many women.

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Message from the CEO

Over the past 12 years as CEO of this incredible organization I have witnessed first-hand the growth and evolution of YW Calgary to rise and meet the ever-changing needs of women, families, and the community. Throughout this remarkable journey, we have faced challenges, from floods to pandemics that tested our resilience and demanded swift adaptation. We continue to emerge stronger, and I am thrilled to share some of the incredible milestones achieved by our organization and the dedicated individuals who work and volunteer here. 

The past year has been marked by significant achievements, fueled by the clarity of our strategic focus areas and the inspired action they have ignited. Our childcare team experienced a transformative expansion, rebranding as YW Kids and creating new spaces within the Hub. This expansion, coupled with our relentless advocacy for affordable childcare in Alberta, enabled us to provide enriching options and exceptional care to nearly 150 children. 

Additionally, we unveiled the new Family Resource Network (FRN) room in the Hub last fall, offering our team more space to support families through a diverse range of programs aimed at enhancing healthy family bonds. Along with the growth in FRN we were honored to be selected as one of Calgary Reads’ Dandelion partners, bringing LENA into our portfolio. To date, 18 cohorts and a total of 145 families have benefited, and we look forward to supporting many more in the future. 

Our commitment to prevention was also illustrated through the Women’s Economic Prosperity program, which experienced exponential growth. We forged exciting partnerships with community organizations, hosting virtual and in-person events and a brand-new partnership to introduce Healthy Relationships programming into several Calgary schools, empowering young people with valuable knowledge and skills. 

We are thrilled to witness the return of our programs and activities to live and in-person experiences at our Hub building. This year, we hosted memorable events such as our first-ever Stampede Breakfast for staff and clients, the post-COVID restart of Rose & Croquet in collaboration with our neighbours at Deane House, and our largest and most successful YWHISPER Gala to date, featuring Gloria Allred as our keynote speaker. 

The energy within our YW Fitness Centre and Community Spaces has also been palpable, with growing fitness memberships and increased utilization of our Community Kitchen and rooms for meetings and events. 

In January, we opened our first purpose-built affordable housing building for women and their families as part of the YW Sheriff King Home Redevelopment. Already, the sound of children’s laughter fills the halls as families begin to build new lives in our community. The construction of the new YW Sheriff King Home remains on track to open its doors this summer. Designed with a trauma-informed approach, this project will enable us to support more women and children escaping domestic abuse while removing barriers by allowing their pets to join them at the shelter and in housing. 

These achievements, showcased in our annual report, are a testament to the power of clarity and its ability to drive action. They are the result of the unwavering dedication and expertise of our entire YW team, supported by our remarkable Board of Directors. 

I invite you to delve into our full annual report and discover more about the profound impact of our work and the lives we touch. On behalf of the entire organization, I extend my deepest gratitude for your continued generous support of YW Calgary. Without our supporters, donors, partners, community, and above all, our knowledgeable and dedicated employees, none of this would be possible. 

Sue Tomney 


Chief Executive Officer,
YW Calgary

A Message from our Chair

Having joined YW Calgary’s Board of Directors in 2018, taking on the Vice Chair role in 2020, I was pleased to begin my first year as Board Chair in June 2022. After the years of COVID and the internal focus of the organization, 2022-2023 has truly been a year of energy, action, and innovation.

Forward momentum was prevalent this year with the activation of three key initiatives identified in YW’s Strategic Plan: YW Sheriff King Home Redevelopment; the implementation of a new Human Resource Information System (HRIS); and advancement of the ongoing Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) strategy.

Not new to construction projects, I continue to be impressed with the expertise and dedication YW has brought to YW Sheriff King Home Redevelopment. A monumental undertaking being accomplished alongside the day-to-day operations that ensure YW programs and services continue to support Calgary’s most vulnerable. The immense success of this project was evident earlier this year as representatives from all three levels of government gathered to celebrate YW’s first affordable housing building – now called YW Taylor Family Home.

At the Board level, we have valued the focus YW puts on people – those within the organization and those within the community. Through the new HRIS system and the focus on advancing their EDI strategy the organization continues to focus on ensuring staff feel valued, respected, and safe, while externally demonstrating the organization’s commitment to equity, diversity, and appreciation of the uniqueness each of us brings to all we do.

This past year had many highlights but two stand out for me. The first was last November when we recognized six exceptional women leaders, including YW’s CEO, Sue Tomney with the Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee Medal. Along with Sue, four past YW Board Chairs and another long time Board Member were honoured in recognition of their years of dedication to YW and the Calgary community.

The Second highlight, capping off this non-stop year of activity was the 11th annual YWHISPER Gala with keynote speaker Gloria Allred. Back in person after three years online, it was a thrill to see a full room of people who support YW and believe in advocating to remove the barriers women, gender and culturally diverse folk still experience today. Congratulations to the YW team who made this event an enormous success!

As I move into the second year of my Board Chair term, I am excited for what lays ahead. The public phase of the YW Sheriff King Home Redevelopment campaign – DONATE THIS MUCH SPACE – launched earlier this month. This unique fundraising campaign will help us raise the remaining dollars to complete the crisis shelter facility and ensure resiliency for the ongoing programming as well as for the women and children who come to heal, recover, and prosper. This campaign and the public awareness it brings is just the start work that will emerge through the year ahead to highlight the expertise and knowledge YW brings to the larger Calgary community.

In closing, I would like to express how honoured I am to be part of this amazing organization. Thank you to my colleagues on the YW Board – a group of extraordinary women who also believe in better – for contributing your time, your expertise, and your talent. From a place of clarity, we gain energy and maintain momentum to support, govern, speak out, advocate, and continue to advance the work of YW.

Sharon Carry

Board Chair

2022-2023 Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is responsible for ensuring that we fulfill the mission and purpose of YW Calgary through strong governance, effective planning and sound fiscal management.

Thank you to this exceptional group of women who volunteer their time, talent and expertise to ensure a well-governed and well-led organization.

Sharon Carry Board Chair

Lisa Shelley Treasurer

Deborah Petriuk Board Secretary

Angela Butler Board Member

Eleanor Chiu Board Member

Pritma Dhillon Chattha Board Member

Claire Galvin Board Member

Aalia Ratani Board Member

Liz Stretch Board Member

Emily Wang Board Member

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