A Year of Vision

Through COVID, we never lost sight of who we are and what we’re capable of doing. 2020 brought great clarity.

New Strategies Emerge

YW Calgary continues to drive towards our vision of women thriving in a safe and equitable community for everyone.

Our Transformation Plan was completed in 2019 and even before the pandemic reached Canada, YW Calgary was well on the way to developing a new five-year Strategic Plan. Now fully approved by the YW Board of Directors, our 2021-2025 Strategic Plan lays a strong foundation for YW’s future, with a focus on prevention programs that support thriving.



Preventive services focused on wellness and healthy relationships with an intention of thriving.


Preventive and restorative services to support her community, home and workplace wellness.


Empower women to pursue their ambitions, participate equally and meaningfully in all levels of economic decision making.

Putting Mental Health First

Another principle in the new strategy is the generation of autonomous revenue that allows YW to invest back into the key strategic areas of the organization. YW Mindfulicity, launched in 2020 to support the need for new revenue sources, is based on our expertise in our Counselling and Mindfulness programs. Mindfulicity offers businesses tools to foster healthy working relationships, help employees navigate stress and conflict while teaching skills to support psychological safety in the workplace.

Increased public discourse about mental wellness has spurred interest in this revenue-generating program, which contributes revenue that can be reinvested back into impactful programs that align with the three focus areas of the new YW Strategic Plan.

“Being a rotational worker in these times had me searching for something to cope and this stuff has been huge.”

– Oil & Gas Worker, Mindfulicity Program Participant

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of end users recommend their employer purchase MindfulicitY


of participants feel better prepared to manage stress and uncertainty


felt better able to identify thoughts and feelings