YW Childcare Centres

We believe women who are mothers are better able to thrive in the community when they have access to quality, affordable childcare. To support that objective, YW operates two early learning childcare centres for ages one to four:

  • YW downtown location
  • Bow Valley College location

YW Childcare Centres support comprehensive early childhood learning opportunities for both parents and children, ensuring healthy interactions in ways that contribute to positive development.

Both centres are licensed, accredited and committed to delivering excellence in child care.

“Because of the YW Childcare Centre and the staff, I was able to return to meaningful work and provide a life for my children.”  – YW Childcare Centre client (parent)  

The Bow Valley College Centre is a collaborative partnership for students with young children as well as the public.

programs available for:

  • Children

How to register:

For information and to register with either Childcare Centre please call
or email