Calling for a #SafeRedMile

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It’s been two years since the Calgary Flames clinched a playoff position and we are so excited to cheer them on against the Anaheim Ducks! People are bustling with joy and bringing a new energy and excitement to the city. As we gear up to cheer on the Flames tonight, we also want to cheer for a #SafeRedMile for all of our city’s hockey fans.

#SafeRedMile began as a hashtag from women in Calgary who were frustrated with the harassment they saw during the Red Mile celebrations in 2015 and in 2004. It was initially a callout to people saying “If you see any problems with sexual harassment along the Red Mile, tweet about it and include the mayor in the conversation.” The campaign took off from there and included the Calgary Flames calling for a respectful behaviour from their fans stating ‘if you support the Flames, you don’t support harassment.’

Through great grassroots efforts by committed women, we’ve seen the #SafeRedMile trend move from playoff hockey to the Calgary Stampede with the introduction of #SafeStampede as a means of reminding everyone that we all deserve to celebrate without fear of harassment. We want to see this kind of support throughout the Flames playoff run where we come together as a community and say no to all harassment.

Women and girls are most often the targets of sexual harassment from rude jokes, sexual remarks, cat-calling, whistling or forced sexual contact. Women shouldn’t have to choose between cheering for the Flames and feeling safe in their community.

We respect each woman’s right to determine how she wishes to celebrate, dress and show her body, we vigorously object to demeaning, exploitive behaviours aimed at coercing more from women than they’re prepared to share.

This year, let’s promote respectful, harassment-free behaviour from all the Calgary Flames fans. Let’s make sure we watch out for each other and act in the best interests of ourselves, our sisters, friends and daughters.

Good referees call the offsides.

If you or anyone you know has been impacted by sexual violence please call Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse support and information line at 403-237-5888 (Toll-Free at 1-877-237-5888).